Research Institute Switzerland

OECONOMICAE Corporate Sustainability

Act Responsible, Think Sustainable. 

Corporate sustainability includes the environmental, economic, and social dimensions and the comprehension of how a business operates in those dimensions by formulating a strategy. As the management is forced in our result-driven environment to increase the revenue to the highest limit in a shorter period of time and to deliver an outstanding result to investors, there is often a high pressure on the company's performance and share prices. There is an aim to invest in new business innovations and in emerging markets to achieve a constant growth rate and to enhance a long-term business success. 

The Research Focus. 

We have established our position through bringing together the most experienced experts of highly-qualified individuals across economic, strategy, politic and science. We have built a reputation for providing research that challenges the consensus and leads to actionable market strategies, helping by navigating the way through an increasingly volatile macro-environment in order to maximise their portfolio returns.